16:8 diet-The Ultimate Guide to intermittent fasting

16:8 diet

One of the most popular diet for implementing intermittent fasting is the 16:8 diet plan. Losing weight in a sustainable manner always needs a good plan.

Thankfully, strategies like intermittent fasting have proved to help greatly. Here, you can lose weight effectively while promoting overall health and wellness. So, if you are wondering what this diet is about, read on.

The 16:8 diet and how it works

16 stands for the period of time or hours you will be fasting each day. This means that in a day, you only have an 8 hours time frame to eat. The good thing about this approach is that you do not have to go hungry the entire day unlike other diets in intermittent fasting. When your eating period comes, you can eat a healthy diet and this is the way you will lose weight effectively.

Then main advantage of not eating for 16 hours is to give your body time to process the meals and nutrition therein. Many times, we eat too often and do not allow the food eaten to be converted into energy for usage in the body. Burning extra calories is possible when you give you body time to 'digest'.

This diet was first made popular by a book by David Zinczenko

His book was titled 8 Hour Diet in which the author suggested that there is great need to give the body enough time to process various meals taken.

 If you are interested in going this direction, you will be glad to know that so many people have found success in weight loss. Even celebrities have found this diet plan very helpful when it comes to getting into shape. Below is an insight of how you can go about it.

When to eat on the 16:8 diet

This intermittent diet plan is highly versatile. This means that you can decide the 8 hour window that is ideal for you to consume your meals.

When your eating window is over, you can still take in drinks like coffee, tea and water. However, make sure to limit any sugar addition to the drinks. The lower the calories, the better for your weight loss and wellness plan.

For example, you can choose to start from 10:am to 6:pm. Keep in mind that most of the hours will be your sleeping time and this is the beauty of the diet plan. Some people may start their eating time from 11:am to 7:pm. Choose what works for you best and stick to it.

What are the best foods to eat while on the intermittent diet plan

During your 8 hour eating window, it is best to choose healthy balanced foods. Also, keep in mind that you do not have to eat throughout the 8 hours. You need to plan your meals for weight loss. Therefore, this entails eating a high fiber diet coupled with lean meats and whole foods.

Anything from fish to lean beef and eggs will be great. Legumes, vegetables, fruits and nuts are also awesome additions in your diet. Drink plenty of water during and after your eating window.

 It is imperative to avoid some foods that will be counterproductive to your weight loss efforts. For example, avoid fast foods and all processed goods.

These foods will only provide your body with empty calories. Instead, choose to make your own meals at home with healthy fresh ingredients. Planning your meals in advance will help deter ordering fast foods or choosing the wrong meal on the menu whenever you go out.

Top benefits of the 16:8 diet

In addition to losing excess weight, this diet comes with a host of other benefits. First, it will not leave you hungry. This is because you do not have to fast a whole day or two. This way, you can boost your energy levels throughout the day.

The diet can also help reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease. In addition, it will help curtail stress owing to the reduction of cortisol. The diet has also been found to help reduce inflammation in the body. Keep in mind that inflammation has been seen as a major cause of disease. Another merit is that this diet is very easy and simple to implement.

There are no complications once you figure out your eating window and what to eat.

In conclusion

If you want to implement this diet, some experts advise choosing a low carb diet. This way, you will be able to control the level of glucose in the body effectively. In fact, some experts advise using a ketogenic diet alongside the 16:8 diet plan.

A ketogenic diet will encourage the burning of stored fat more. This way, you will lose weight faster and utilize stored energy effectively. A ketogenic diet is low in carbs and is high in good fat. This means that you should eat more nuts, avocado; among other healthy fats.

Then, you should take lean protein in moderation. This way, you can tackle your energy needs optimally without compromising on the nourishment to your body. Once you start on the diet plan, being consistent will greatly help your body get in tune.

This way, you will tackle any challenges along the way. Keeping your eye on the end goal is always a good source of motivation to losing weight and getting healthy. Of course, no one is perfect but doing your best will still give you desired results in the long run.

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