30 Day Apple Cider Vinegar Challenge

30 Day Apple Cider Vinegar Challenge

A 30 Day Apple Cider Vinegar Challenge hosts of health merits come to mind when considering apple cider vinegar. One of the most popular benefits is perhaps weight loss. Because losing weight is tough, using apple cider vinegar is one way to jump-start the process.

If you are wondering how to use ACV for weight loss, you might want to consider the apple cider vinegar challenge. This challenge is designed to help you optimize your weight loss efforts. Before delving into the details of the challenge, it is good to look at some of the top health benefits of apple cider vinegar.

Reasons to consider the apple cider vinegar challenge

1. ACV contains components that help break down fat cells. In this respect, fat is utilized instead of being stored. In addition, pectin in the vinegar will help you feel full longer and this helps avoid overeating.

 For people who cannot control their appetite, ACV is a natural appetite suppressor. It also works to accelerate your metabolism and all these factors ensure faster and effective weight loss.

2. To build strong muscles, you need potassium. ACV is rich in this mineral and normal diets usually do not supply enough amounts for adults.

Therefore, supplementing potassium this way will have you strengthen your muscles allowing you to reduce fat cells. Your heart, teeth, nails and hair will also get a boost from potassium.

3. After meals, glucose levels may rise and this can bring about issues related to blood sugar. To mitigate this, apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid which helps slow digestion to prevent a sudden surge of glucose in the blood.

4. If your body is too acidic, your pH levels are out of balance. ACV is able to regulate pH by making your body alkaline which promotes better health. Ash is the component that makes apple cider vinegar alkaline.

5.If you have skin issues like acne and blemishes, you need a detox that is able to work from within effectively. ACV helps clear up these conditions.

6.You can get rid of bacterial, viral and fungal infections by using ACV. This is because the malic acid in the vinegar acts to kill these germs.

7. If you have problems with digestion, apple cider vinegar promotes healthy digestion and helps relieve heart burn and acid reflux.

8. People with sinus infections and allergies can find relief this way as well. There are innumerable merits to mention giving you many reasons why the apple cider vinegar challenge is ideal for you.

What is the apple cider vinegar challenge?

This is a test mainly employed to help people loss excess weight using apple cider vinegar. As hinted to above, this test can give you more benefits in addition to weight loss. You can consider a 30 day challenge where you religiously consume ACV and see the results.

What do I need for this challenge?

First, you need high quality apple cider vinegar. Because it is monotonous to consume the drink alone, consider using other ingredients to spice up the drink. For example, you can take the vinegar with lemon, honey, powdered ginger, garlic and water. Below is a description of specific recipes for your ACV challenge.

– Garlic and ACV

Put some warm water in a glass. Add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Then, add a tablespoon of garlic powder. Mix well and your drink is ready.

– Ginger and ACV

A tablespoon of ginger powder is what you need. Add it in a warm glass of water. Then, add your 2 tablespoons of ACV and mix well. This drink is ready for consumption.

– Honey and ACV

For this recipe, you will need 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 tablespoons of ACV. Mix them together in a warm glass of water and your drink is ready.

– Lemon and ACV

In a glass of warm water, add one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice. Then, add 2 tablespoons of ACV and mix well.

All the recipes above are meant to give you variety so that you do not get bored taking just one type of drink in your challenge duration. If you do not like garlic for example, go with the other recipes as desired.

How to take the Apple Cider Vinegar drink

For your 30 day ACV challenge, you will need to take your drink before meals up to 3 times a day. This is the sure way to enjoy the best results. First, you want to suppress your appetite and aid effective digestion. In the first 2 days, you can choose to take the honey mix, then in the next days that follow, alternate with the lemon mix. By the time you reach the 30th day, you will be enjoying your drinks accordingly.

30 day challenge

Important pointers to keep in mind

The challenge will not yield good result if you do not change your diet to a healthy one. This means avoiding junk food and other unhealthy eating habits.

– Physical activity is paramount to your success, You can start with simple routines like cardio. In addition, walking 30 minutes a day is a good place to start.

– Tracking your progress is key so that you can assess how well your challenge is going. If you are consistent, you will surely start reaping.

Any precaution?

People who are on medication for varied health conditions will need to get clearance with their doctor before engaging in this challenge. This is very important precaution that should not be ignored.

Women who are pregnant or lactating will also need to consult their health care provider to determine safety. All in all, ACV is safe and when used correctly, there are no ill effects to expect.

Using a straw when drinking may be the best thing to do. This is because the drink can prove very potent. To enjoy the best results, you must use organic apple cider vinegar. This version is unfiltered and unpasteurized(Bragg’s).

Remember, ACV should always be used after you dilute it with water. Taking it undiluted can upset your stomach and cause heartburn. You should never skip meals if you want to see positive results.

Take pictures before you take the challenge and compare with the aftermath. If you remained consistent, you will have a lot to smile about.

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