Apple Cider Vinegar Cures

Apple cider vinegar cures
The other day my wife was looking her sunburn lotion, because during our vacation I got a little carried away and burned the crap out of my back and shoulders.She has had this bottle blue aloe jelly like sunburn stuff for year and it works great.Expect for when you run out and you had it so long the label is missing.With a little quick thinking I grabbed the Bragg’s Apple cider vinegar out of the pantry and said “use this”.
Since then I have been wondering just what all uses for raw apple cider vinegar.Over the last couple weeks I have been doing some research online line and asking some of the old timers that live close by with their apple cider vinegar home remedies , so here goes..

Apple cider vinegar cures

These only work with bragg’s apple cider vinegar with mother

Apple Cider Vinegar cures1. Can reduce blood pressure.
Research has proven Apple cider vinegar to lower triglycerides in turn lowers  blood pressure.
2. Sunburn
Already mentioned above apple cider vinegar healing skin. Apple cider vinegar can be diluted in one tablespoon  to a cup of water in your bath or by mixing  and applied to affected area.
3. Poison ivy
Raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar can help you in getting rid of poison ivy. Acv is a natural anti inflammatory. This will reduce the swelling which causes the itching.
4. Bragg’s apple cider vinegar weight loss
As I have mentioned several times on this site ACVD will help you to reduce your weight. Drinking a tablespoon mixed in a cup of water before each meal.  This simple mix of Acv will make you feel like you’re stomach is full. It also boost your metabolism.In return you eat less,burn more calories and lose weight.
5.Whiten your teeth
Acv has natural acids that can brighten your smile. Simply by dipping your finger and rubbing on your teeth for a couple minutes and then rinsing out your mouth . Do not forget to do this. Acv can hurt the enamel on your teeth you do not rinse. You should only do this twice a week.

6. Heal a sore throat
If there is one thing I cant stand is a sore throat. At the first sign I drink down a tablespoon of apple cider straight. If you need a little help,mix equal amount of honey with it. It helps your throat even more and who does like honey,right.Just one more apple cider vinegar healing benefits.

Bragg’s apple cider vinegar with mother cures

apple cider vinegar hair conditioner7. Hair conditioner
Apple cider vinegar can be used as a natural hair container and will leave it shinier. Just add two tablespoons to a cup of water. After you have shampooed your hair message in the apple cider vinegar mix into  your hair and let set for one minute.

8. Clears a stuffy nose
Mix a tablespoon of ACV in an tall  glass . This will help break up the mucus and help you with  nasal congestion. Just goes to show the the power of vinegar.

9.Apple cider vinegar clears acne
I have said in the past that apple cider vinegar will balance the ph in your body. With the skin being the biggest organ in your system. It would only make sense that ACV with it’s antibacterial properties will clear up acne, red spots and add an overall glow to your skin. Just added benefit of taking ACV a couple times A day or like I do before each meal.

10.Age Spots
Staying with the skin. Age spots or dark spots can be faded out in a couple of weeks with ACV. by rubbing over the dark spot each night before you go to bed with straight ACV.

healing power of apple cider vinegar

Yes it can even get rid of dandruff. Splash a little apple cider vinegar in your hands and work it into your scalp. Let it set for 30 minutes then rinse out. It will help the flaking and the itch.

Athlete's foot12.Athlete’s foot / soaking your feet in apple cider vinegar
The natural antibiotics properties of ACV will fight off the fungal infection brought about by athlete’s foot. You can soak your week in a ACV and water mix twice a day or applied straight to the affected areas. It also helps with foot odor. The foot bath after a long day of work is the berries. Totally zones you out and helps to get rid of all the crap you put up with on a day to day. Mix equal amounts of ACV and warm water and enjoy.

13. Get rid of Warts
Warts ,we have all had one at some point in our life. Apple cider vinegar with it’s acetic acid will reduce the size of any wart until it’s gone. Do this every morning and once again at bed time.

14.Natural Deodorant
Acv will kill off any odor-causing bacteria. Rub under each arm with a cotton ball if you just happen to run out one morning before work.

natural flea repellent 15. Natural flea Repellent
ACV even helps our four legged friends. By mixing one cup of Acv to one cup of water. You can work this into the coat. The acv will help ward off any fleas waiting to make a meal of your best friend.

benefits of organic apple cider vinegar

16. Eliminate acid reflux
Apple Cider vinegar will help your stomach’s own acid to reduce if not cure acid reflux. Just by drinking a tablespoon a half hour before you each meal. Will greatly reduce the chance of any discomfort later.

17. Stops hiccups in a heartbeat
My neighbor gave me this one. He swears by this one. As a kid if they got the hiccups their mother would give them a spoon full of acv. He says it works,but I think they just said it did so they would not get another helping.

I am sure there are tons more and later I will add more to the list. If you have any of your own just add them to the comments below.

Be safe and be healthy..


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