Are Apple Cider Vinegar Pills Just as Good

Apple Cider Vinegar Pills

If you have been very keen about natural remedies that boost health, you must have heard about the merits of apple cider vinegar. Indeed, this home remedy has received renewed focus, uncovering even more health benefits. From treatment of acid reflux and acne to the management of blood sugar and weight loss, apple cider vinegar pills continues to amaze many. Most people use this remedy as a liquid. However, more and more people are opting to use apple cider vinegar pills. The pills are also called tablets or capsules. This article explores whether the pills are just as good as the liquid.

Apple Cider Vinegar Pills, tablets or capsules are made when the liquid vinegar is processed into a powder. The actual composition of these pills will differ from one manufacturer to the next. Some pills will have additives of various kinds. Some of the additions may be minerals and vitamins. Other times, the additives may not be too healthy or sufficient to give users the health merits desired. Having said this, a good Apple Cider Vinegar Pills should have almost equivalent benefits to liquid vinegar. So, why do people even consider going for these tablets?

best apple cider vinegar pills

Top benefits of ACV pills

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    The first and most obvious advantage of choosing pills over liquid is to escape the harsh acidic taste of vinegar. Some people cannot tolerate the taste even when the liquid vinegar is diluted. Pills can be swallowed without having to deal with the taste.
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    For many people, taking a pill is easy and convenient compared to taking a glass of liquid. With this convenience, you do not have to worry about diluting the drink in a glass of water. If you are a very busy person, this makes a lot of sense.
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    Tablets or capsules are also very portable. If you are traveling, you do not have to worry about missing your dose of ACV. You just take a pill with some water.
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    The pills can be easily enhanced with other elements for more health benefits.
Apple Cider Vinegar Pills

Downsides of apple cider vinegar pills

Knowing the disadvantages will help you compare and see what works well for you. These are the top concerns that you should have before using the pills.

- When Apple cider vinegar pills  are being made, fillers or additives may be used. Some manufacturers do not fully declare the ingredients. To this end, you may not always know exactly what you are taking.

- Anything that has been processed further is not as good as the original product. Processing will naturally remove some of the original components which might go a long way in making a difference in your health.

- Pills or capsules will mainly be enclosed using gelatin. There are people who cannot tolerate gelatin. Many may experience diarrhea or stomach upsets. In fact, some people do not have the ability to digest it leading to poor absorption or none at all.

- Apple cider vinegar pills are not versatile compared to the liquid form. In this regard, you cannot use the pills to apply to bug bites or other topical applications in the home.

- Different manufacturers will come with different dosages when it comes to the pill. In essence, it is sometimes hard to know the quantity of a single pill and the dosage required per day.

- Many people swallow the Apple cider vinegar pills with less water compared to liquid vinegar. To this end, the water needed for diluting the vinegar is limited; leading to more acidity.

- People who have problems swallowing may not find pills very helpful. This may apply to older people or those who have certain health conditions.

- Apple cider vinegar pills may come with side effects. The problem is that with many fillers and ingredients used, it may be hard to zero-in on the actual offender.

- You may escape the strong taste of apple cider vinegar with pills but you will not escape the strong smell.

How to take apple cider vinegar pills the right way

- First, you have to start by buying high quality pills from a trusted maker. Due diligence will make all the difference. Know every single component of the pills, so that you can decide whether it works for you or not.

- Be very clear on the dosage. Most makers will state that one capsule is a tablespoon of vinegar. Others will say that one pill is equivalent to two tablespoons of vinegar. Knowing this will help you not to go overboard every single day. Also, you have to take the pill with a good amount of water to promote absorption.

- With apple cider vinegar pills, avoid taking on an empty stomach. This is because their acid concentration could be higher than the liquid form. If you do not take enough water with the pill, make sure that you have had a snack or a meal.

- If you are new to apple cider vinegar pills, it is always wise to start with a low dose. Take only one pill per day and see how well you react to it. If it goes well, you can take two pills per day for a complete dosage depending on the brand chosen.

Do the pills really work?

If you get high quality ACV pills and you follow the dosage guide to the letter, the pills will work. The tablets will help you lose weight, treat acne, regulate blood sugar, reduce blood pressure, tackle acid reflux, manage gout; among other benefits. There are many people who use pills with great satisfaction. As alluded to above, the key is to find the best product and to consume it in the right way.

apple cider vinegar pills vs apple cider vinegar

Pills can never be equivalent to liquid apple cider vinegar. This is mainly because there is no elaborate processing that goes into making the liquid. To this end, 'the mother' will remain intact better compared to powdered pills. Therefore, if you are used to taking the liquid and it works for you, you probably do not need to shift to pills. If you want to tap into the convenience of carrying pills and avoiding the taste of liquid vinegar, the tablets may be a good consideration.

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