Benefits of Ginger Shots and How to Make Them at Home

What are the Benefits of Ginger Shots?

The Benefits of Ginger Shots are not new. This is because the West has used these shots for over 1,500 years. Initially, the use of ginger was prominent in Asia and more specifically in India and China.

 Europeans found ginger to be a very useful herb and spice and they introduced it to America. It is reported that the Spaniards were responsible for introducing ginger in America and for thousands of years, ginger has played a pivotal role in natural health circles.

To understand what a ginger shot is, it is good to look at the ginger plant as a whole.

What exactly is ginger?

Ginger is a very popular tropical plant that is mainly used as a spice in dishes. It thrives in warm tropical conditions that are humid. In the United States, most of the ginger produced is grown in Hawaii owing to the conducive conditions.

what is ginger

 Once the ginger root is mature, the rhizome is harvested for consumption. Ginger is known for its distinctive taste and flavor. When fresh, it is tangy and spicy. Ginger can be ground to be used as a spice in food. However, it can also be used in its raw form to achieve the same flavorful results.

 A ginger shot is therefore a small volume of fresh ginger often mixed with fruits and vegetable juices. Some of the most common additions to ginger shots include lemon juice, apple, cherry and beet root.

The top benefits of ginger shots

Boosts digestion

If you are looking to optimize your digestion, a ginger shot can help greatly. It aids stomach emptying which prevents problems brought about by indigestion. Keep in mind that poor digestion will compromise the absorption of nutrients in the body. In addition, it can derail weight loss efforts.

Can jump-start weight loss

If you have hit a plateau in your weight loss efforts, a ginger shot could help you. This natural herbs is known for its ability to promote burning of fat cells while increasing metabolism. Therefore, it is a natural way to assist weight loss.

Anti-inflammatory benefits

Did you know Ginger is a good anti inflammatory agent.. To this end, conditions like migraines, joint pain and stiffness can be tackled naturally through it.

Those who are aging have been found to reduce their need for pain medication by adding ginger shots to their lifestyles. If you have joint issues or wish to prevent such problems, the anti inflammatory ability of ginger will help.

Helps relieve muscle pain

If you suffer from muscle pain due to working out or engaging in tasking activities, ginger shots can help. Ginger is not an overnight remedy for this pain relief; but it can help you reduce muscle pain in the long run. It works great to prevent and to solve the muscle pain to your delight.

Regulates blood sugar

Do you have  Type 2 diabetes, ginger shots can help lower your blood sugar. This way, you can slowly control your glucose level in a natural way effectively. It is also worth mentioning that ginger also helps reduce oxidized lipoproteins in Type 2 diabetes. This condition is a well known risk factor for heart disease.

Lowers bad cholesterol

LDL lipoproteins in high levels are detrimental to your heart health. They are also known as bad cholesterol. Ginger has been proven to lower this bad cholesterol in an effective manner over a period of time. Ginger shots can also lower the levels of triglyceride in the blood.

Ginger shots can also help improve concentration

Can help protect against environmental toxins like pollution and radiation

 Fights fungal, bacterial and yeast infections

 Can boost your immune system for better health

Relieves menstrual discomforts

Menstruation is often occasioned with pain and discomfort in some females. Ginger can greatly reduce this pain when taken from the beginning of the cycle. This way, women do not have to take pain killers but rather choose a natural method that has less side effects.

Helps reduce nausea

Pregnant women who are looking for a great way to manage nausea can consider using ginger in very small portions. Also, nausea caused by motion sickness and chemotherapy can be reduced this way.

How to make a ginger shots

If you are looking for the ideal ginger shot to spark weight loss, it is critical to find the shot that works for you best. There are many recipes and choosing the right one can give you better results

. One of the most popular ginger shots for weight loss is the ginger and lemon shot. Here, you must use fresh ginger and fresh lemons. This is the only sure way to tap into the benefits. Making the shot is very easy.

How to make a weight loss ginger shot

Start by boiling a cup of water. Then, add a slice of ginger root to the water and steep for not more than five minutes.

Then, squeeze the juice of one lemon and mix lightly. Your shot is ready to drink. If this drink is a bit plain for you, a pinch of cayenne pepper will make all the  difference..

Another popular ginger shot recipe is the ginger, orange juice and manuka honey shot. Squeeze an orange to get the juice and add a small piece of grated ginger with two tablespoons of honey. Blend everything together and pour in a small glass and enjoy.

In conclusion

A newly pregnant or have a heart issue, avoid using concentrated ginger shots. For those who are under medication for any health condition, consulting your doctor first is important before adding the shot to your regimen. 

Otherwise, too much of something is poisonous and ginger is no exception. Ingesting it for too long can cause skin irritation.

 Some people will suffer allergic reaction to ginger while others may develop stomach issues. Therefore, using a fair amount of ginger daily is advised. Some people may find these shots a bit intense and adding sugar is not an option. Instead, add some water or a sweetener like Stevia. This sweetener has no calories and will boost weight loss.

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