How Many calories do you burn in a Sauna

How Many calories do you burn in a Sauna

How Many calories do you burn in a Sauna? The sauna offers total body relaxation, comfort, and weight loss. According to the latest research done by Harvard University, dry heat provided by sauna has tremendous effects on your body.

 It has been confirmed that in just a few minutes, an average person will be able to lose a significant number of calories.

 Calories burned in sauna may vary depending on height, time of exposure, height and much more.

Relaxation, stress relief and weight loss

Sauna offers relaxation of the mind. When your mind has relaxed, other body organs will be able to perfectly play their roles.

 Relaxation, comfort and stress relief are among the most important health benefits derived from sauna. Sauna gives you a chance to burn off excess calories. This is achieved because sauna involves great sessions that provide your body with ultimate relaxation.

 When your brain is relaxed, your body will be able perfectly carry out all other functions including weight loss.

sauna benefits

How many calories do you burn in a sauna for 30 minutes

According to the medical research performed by Mayo Clinics, body composition, age and sex are the most important and determining factors on the number of calories your body can burn at a given day. When an individual is resting, this is called basal metabolic rate.

 An individual weighing 160 lbs will be able to burn an average of 300 calories in 30 minutes session of sauna. The number may vary from one person to another depending on individual BMR. The amount of time spend in the heat and temp setting in the sauna may directly affect the amount of calories you will lose in sauna.

There are calculations and estimates that determines the amount of calories burned in sauna. For example, a healthy man of 185 pounds burns 42 calories in thirty minutes of sitting.

For you to get an estimate on the amount of calories burned, you should multiply the number of calories by 1.5 and 2. In case a person would burn 63-84 calories; that is a significant difference from 300-1000 calories.

Proven Sauna benefits

It has been proven that your body constantly burns a great number of calories every time and every day so as to sustain a healthy body and vital bodily functions such as respiration, blood circulation, brain functions and temp regulation and weight loss. It is very important to maintain a healthy weight so as to avoid other health complications such as obesity.

 Hypertension, and diabetes among others. The bigger the body and the higher the amount of calories, the higher the chances of these risks. During sauna, your body combats high temps with profuse sweating.

Sitting in sauna burns excess fat and calories. The extra fat is burned because your body because the body is trying to cool off. Weight loss is achieved due to dehydration and excess sweating.

How Many calories do you burn in a Sauna

Sauna boosts your health, immunity and  weight loss

Most people thought it is a myth. The medical research has proven that sauna is indeed effective and healthy. It is one of the best and most effective weight loss procedures.

Medical research shoes that sauna boosts your body metabolism rate and burns extra calories. Dr. Oz has conducted a successful research and concluded that you could lose over 700 calories without necessary lifting a finger using sauna.

The doctor said that sauna causes your heart to beat faster and this causes the burn of extra calories and thus translates to weight loss.

 It is said that sauna raises your metabolism level and this causes sweating and removal of toxic substances through the skin.

It has been proven that sauna boosts your metabolism with as much as 20 percent; this indirectly burns extra calories.

It is important to note that the amount of calories burned also depends on the amount of time you spend in this exercise.

Calories burned in sauna calculator

According to another research done by Dr. Oz using sauna calories calculator, a person weighing 160 pounds will be able to burn about 200-400 calories in 30 minutes time. Infrared sauna also claims that high amount of calories can be burned.

It is proven that up to 1000 calories could be burned in just 30 minutes. This is actually the place where Dr. Oz gets his estimates.

How long should you stay in a steam room to lose weight

It has been proven that sauna weight loss is caused by sweating.

 Of course, very exercise causes dehydration .this means that after every session of sauna, you should drink some water to compensate for the lost body fluid.

benefits of sauna

Sauna increases sweating. Sweating opens the pores of your skin and aids removal of toxic substances. This process has proven effective in weight loss.

• Sauna offers ultimate relaxation. This allows you to release tension and improve sleep. Better sleep plays a significant role in weight loss.

• Sauna helps in the removal of toxic substances; this boosts your body’s immunity.

The best thing about sauna is that you don’t need a weight loss program; many people have lost great calories in sauna. If you make it a daily activity, you will be able to see a tremendous change. The best thing about this exercise is that it has lots of benefits.

sauna boosts your health

 You will be able to boost your immunity, burn calories, relax your body, mind, and soul.

Sauna boosts your heart’s health, metabolizes food and maintains optimum body temperature. This makes it possible for your body to play other important roles.

 Sitting in sauna causes your body to sweat; this takes a great amount of energy especially if it is done for a long period of time. The energy lost causes your body to sweat and burn more calories.

If you’d like to lose extra calories at the comfort of your home, you just need to embrace sauna. Many people have benefited from it.

 You don’t need to have a weight loss program to lose excess calories; you can just achieve this in sauna. It is very important to always eat a balanced diet. A balanced diet plays a vital role in the entire health of the body and weight loss.

For you to achieve great results, sauna should be accompanied by a balanced diet.

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