5 Steps on The Best Way on How to Get Rid of Muffin Top

get rid of a muffin top
How to Get Rid of Muffin Top and how does it develop?Muffin top is the extra fat hanging around the waist. This is one problem facing people around the world and are desperately looking for ways to get rid of it. 

The area around the hips is made up different muscles that are not used in daily lives which it difficult to tone it. Besides, as one becomes old, the rate of metabolism also goes down. 

The body doesn’t have a high demand for energy to support functionalities like growth, puberty among others. This most of the calories that are being consumed will not be burned but will be stored as excess fat. This results in the formation of those sagging fat tires around your waist which are called muffin top. It takes a long period to develop which is why most people don’t have them when they are young. 

What are the dangers of Muffin top?

This excess fat not only affects your shape but also exposes you to some health risks. It makes one more vulnerable to attack by life-threatening diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, some types of cancer, stroke, and sleep apnea, among others. 

Having a muffin top can lower one’s self-esteem due to having an awkward shape. Low self-esteem can lead to depression and mental torture which can drive one to commit suicide or harm other people. 

If you have a muffin top, don’t worry, there is a way out. You can get rid of it and get back to your shape by following some tips. Below are 5 ways that can help you get rid of your muffin top for a healthy lifestyle.

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5 ways to  get rid of muffin top

1. Following a Good Diet

The first approach to getting rid of that muffin top is by observing a good diet. The kitchen is where health and fitness start from and if you aren’t careful with what you are taking, well, forget about losing the muffin top. You have to:

i). Avoid fast foods – These food are full of fat calories which are converted to fat cells and stored around the waist and abdomen. This gives you the muffin top effect you are determined to lose. 

ii). Observe the portion you are eating - Avoid taking one huge plate but strive to take small portions throughout the day. Little but frequent meals help in lowering the calories you consume and help you maintain a good metabolism. Remember one of the elements that cause muffin top to develop? Low metabolism. You can address that through portion control.

iii). Take plenty of fruits and vegetables – They are full of nutrients, high in fiber and low in calories. Consuming the calories that are just enough to give energy to your body will prevent storing surplus calories in form excess fat around your waist. 

v). Take wholesome and natural foods. They are processed gradually which means they will release the calories in a controlled way. This maintains a good metabolic rate.


2. Exercising

When it comes to health and fitness, you can’t be lazy in exercising and still hope to achieve your fitness goals. When people hear of exercising, running is the first thing that crosses their mind. However, running too much won’t offer you much assistance.

 Doing targeted exercises is the key to getting rid of your muffin top. The exercise should be geared to work out your abs and waist muscles. Such exercises include roll up, Push Ups, Plank, weights, among others.

You should never over- exercise. You need to give your body time to recover and relax. Giving your body enough recovery time boosts your body’s rate of metabolism as it burns calories and fat.

Getting a burning feeling after exercise is a good sign you are progressing well and you are on your way to losing a muffin top. 

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3.Get enough sleep and relax

Lack of enough sleep can interfere with brown-adipose-tissue (BAT) activity. This is a heat production mechanism that facilitates burning of body fat when you are resting. 

You need to burn as much fat as you and you should therefore get enough sleep of around 7 - 8 hours. Avoid any distractions like having your phone on your bedside or a TV.

Also, try to relax and avoid stress. This may cause you to follow unhealthy eating routines which can cause your body to build up fat. Good relaxation habits include listening to soft music, meditating, or trying yoga.

4. Clothing- what you where

Wearing too tight clothes one thing that causes muffin top and many people don’t know that. That is why you may have muffin effect even if you are skinny and if you already have a muffin top.

This will look worse. You should wear clothes that fit you to prevent overflow on your waist from occurring. 

How to Get Rid of Muffin Top

5. Motivation

Most people will lose hope along the way when they realize they are not making progress or it’s slow. Motivation is the pillar that supports all the above approaches in ensuring you get rid of your muffin top. 

a. Try some motivation approaches like visualizing the shape you want to achieve. Do you want to look like your favorite soap opera star? Keep his or her picture in your mind to keep you focused on what you are striving to achieve.

b. Setting measurable goals that you can monitor is another means to keep you motivated. When you attain one goal, set a new one. You will not even realize how fast you will lose your muffin top.

c. Finding a training partner can help you remain focused and motivated in your journey to get rid of your muffin top. Your partner will keep you accountable for what you eat, when or how you exercise, give you competition and offer you sound advice, among other motivation aspec


Getting rid of muffin top can be frustrating and requires determination. If you want to get back to shape, the above 5 ways on how to get rid of muffin top can help you.

The approaches are simple to implement and contains all you need to get rid of your muffin top. Implement them now and get back to your desired shape within no time.

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