Juicing for Weight Loss for the Beginner

 Juicing for Weight Loss
We are leaving in a busy world where people have been left with little or no time to work out. In addition to this, people are consuming plenty of processed foods which is making them gain weight at a fast pace. 

People are therefore looking for means to lose weight fast where they end up with a solution that offers temporary change. Most solutions will mostly consist of crash diets, starving or fasting which makes one lose muscle mass instead of excess fats. 

If you have been fighting the issue of weight gain, you need a viable program that will give your body the necessary nutrients. This will give you a long-lasting solution to your weight woes. Juicing for weight loss is the program that can help you attain this. 

What is Juicing?

Juicing is the process of extracting juices from fresh vegetables and fruits. You will end up with a vitamins, minerals, and micro nutrients rich liquid which will suppress your appetite.

This juice has low and natural sugar which is a great help in fighting excess weight.

detox juice recipes for weight loss

 does Juicing for weight loss work?

Juicing assists one to attain his/her weight loss goals by boosting the metabolism, reducing cravings, flushing out toxins in the fats cells, and providing the body with necessary nutrients to burn fat naturally.

Through juicing, you will be giving your body fibers from vegetables and fruits which ensure you feel full throughout the day. This will prevent you from taking unhealthy foods that make you gain weight. 

What Should You Juice?

When starting out, go for something that will be easy on your stomach since it won’t be easy to switch from solids to liquids. For starters, oranges, apples, watermelons, or carrots can be a good option. Then you can change slowly to other fruits as time goes. 

Leafy greens are great delicacies although it may not be good for some people. However, when combined with fruits, they make a great juice. Always keep in mind that a successful juicing program for weight loss consists of 40% fruits and 60% vegetables. 

Always use fresh fruits and vegetables during the process. You should avoid packaged or processed juices since they do you more harm than good. They have chemicals and preservatives for enhancing their taste and prolonging their life. These will get you gaining more weight instead of losing. 

Your creativity in mixing fruits and vegetables is your limit on what you should juice, but you always have to watch your sugar intake.

best juice for weight loss in the morning

If you are new to juicing for weight loss, the best time to take your juice is on an empty stomach. You should take it at least 30 minutes before taking a meal since your body will be fast to absorb anything that goes into the stomach when you are hungry.

The idea is to suppress your appetite while at the same time giving your body enough nutrients to sustain it. 

juicing for weight loss plan benefits

One of the major benefits that juicing high nutrition value it gives your body without adding any extra fats or unhealthy sugars. This makes it an effective weight loss program that can give you a long-term solution. You can easily maintain a healthy weight once you achieve it.

best fruit juice for weight loss

Following this program is easy. It doesn’t involve a lot of things which can make you get lost on the way. Besides, a sweet smoothie is involved. Who doesn’t like that?

 How sweet is it waking up to a glass of mango or orange pulp every other morning? This makes it addictive which can make one maintain a healthy weight easily

Since you can carry out the process on your own, it becomes inexpensive to maintain the program. This becomes extra cheaper when you will be picking fruits from your garden which also makes them extra healthy since they won’t have any chemicals used in growing.

You Expect by Following a Juicing Weight Loss Program?

Besides helping in weight loss, your body will also cleanse and detoxify. The toxins in your body will be expelled through the skin, bowel movement, and urine. One can expect to get some temporary dizziness, sleeplessness, acne, low energy levels, and irregular bowel movement during the start of the program. 

On the positive side, one can expect to maintain a healthy weight naturally through juicing. You will get back to shape and be able to enjoy your new look for a long time to come.

Are there Precautions to Observe?

Below are some precautions you should observe to ensure you get the most out of the juicing for weight loss.
1. Although juicing works wonders in fighting the weight loss problem, seek medical advice is advised. This is especially true for people with diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure among other diseases which can be worsened by a slight change in blood sugar levels and pressure.

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2. Don’t take huge amounts of vegetables you have never taken before. Some vegetables may have allergic reactions which can be worsened if you take them in high quantity. To be safe, take a small amount at first to ensure your body is safe to go.

3. Avoid appetite stimulants when juicing. They will destabilize your body’s chemistry which can make the juicing program to be less effective. Besides, why should you take these stimulants when you know that one of the ways that juicing works is through suppressing the appetite?

4. When you are following a diet with low carb, minimize fresh juice intake. What? Yes, you’ve read well. Fresh juice has natural sugar which makes it have high carbohydrate concentration. Therefore reduce the number of fresh juice drinks you're consuming daily if you don’t if low carb diet is your thing. 


Just like any other weight loss program, consistency and patience are two attributes you can’t afford to miss if you want to get any positive results. It may take some time to get results but the best thing is juicing for weight loss offers long-term benefits.

This makes it the best weight loss program. Just be determined, and you will get that shape you’ve desired all your life, and you will be able to maintain it easily. 

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