Tips on How to Lose 15 Pounds in a Month

Lose 15 Pounds in a MonthLosing weight over any given period of time is not easy. If you are looking to lose 15 pounds in a month, you can be sure that it will be harder. However, this is not to say that with dedication and hard work it cannot be done. You have to lose at least 4 pounds a week to attain the goal in just one month. Obviously, you will need a very aggressive approach that will certainly remove you from your comfort zone. People who are very obese will first and foremost lose this kind of weight faster. Those who have less to lose might find it harder to drop 15 pounds in a single month. To go about it, there is no magical formula; you must create a calorie deficit to burn fat.

How many calories will you need to subtract from your daily diet?

This is the ultimate question to ask. To lose just 1 pound, you need a deficit of 3,500 calories. Therefore, to lose 15 pounds, you will need to do away with 52,000 calories in a month. To make it much easier, you must exclude 1,750 calories from your current diet to achieve your goal. If you are able to do this religiously, you will reach your goal of losing 15 pounds in one month. Diet and exercising are the two sure ways to create the calorie deficit given above. To this end, you have to consider what you eat critically. Putting in place a healthy eating plan is the only way to go.

Tips for an effective weight loss diet

You do not have to worry about counting each and every calorie you put in your mouth. This is because you can employ the known basics of how to plan for your meals. Your plate should be divided into 4 quarters. The first quarter should consist of very lean meat while the other quarter should have high quality whole grains. The remaining half should be filled with vegetables and fruits. This simple approach will work even for the most overweight person; losing weight is quicker too.

When it comes to your choice of vegetables, choose the green leafy ones. In addition, go for bell peppers, broccoli, green beans and other non starchy varieties. This means that given an option, you should not eat too many potatoes, corn or peas. The key is to keep your food choices low calorie. The lean protein options should include fish, skinless chicken, eggs and meat cuts such as tenderloin. Tofu, beans, milk and yogurt are other good protein sources. To lose 15 pounds in a months, you have to become a conscious eater. Your portion should always be as laid out above. Therefore, you do not alter the balance.

It goes without saying that there are foods that you will have to eliminate or drastically limit in your diet. Processed sweet and starchy foods such as white bread and pasta have to go. All baked goods, candy and soda will work against your weight loss efforts. You have to limit them effectively. As an alternative, choose fiber rich whole grains such as whole bread, whole pasta, sweet potatoes, arrowroot; among others. Margarine can be replaced with avocado which is a healthy fat. Again, you have to do it in moderation.

You should avoid staying on an empty stomach because this is the recipe for overeating. If you love junk food, you will have to stop. Eating out should be done thoughtfully. Go for lean meat salads and drink more water than juices. Alcohol also has to take the back burner for you to attain your goal. The idea is to embrace a total lifestyle change because if you do this for just one month, you can be sure that the weight will come back as soon as you lose it. Below are quick tips to healthy eating.

How to Lose 15 Pounds in a Month

1. Replace all the fattening foods in your fridge and pantry and add foods that are healthier as mentioned above. If you cannot see them; you cannot eat them.

2. Plan for all your meals in advance. Most people eat the wrong things because they are not proactive on making healthy meals.

3. Always cook at home and reduce the trips to the deli as much as possible.

4. Always have a healthy snack waiting for you whenever you feel hungry.

5. If you eat the wrong thing, forgive yourself and start again; never give up on healthy eating.

There are some people who use concoctions in a bid to boost weight loss. Before using anything, check with your nutritionist or health care provider. To lose 15 pounds in one single month, you have to be very disciplined and this is the only way to do it.

Get active to burn more calories

Being active gives you a boost in burning excess calories. If you are not particularly active, start slowly by walking around your neighborhood. 30 minutes to an hour daily can do wonders in 30 days. This is especially if you are following the healthy diet plan above. For some people, cleaning the house and just moving around will work in burning unwanted calories. If you have kids, go out and play. Dog owners can walk the dog. Those who can go to the gym can also find great help. Dancing, jumping rope and biking are good options. Online, there are many fitness routines that can be done right at the comfort of your home. In essence, your effort will determine whether you reach the goal or not. However, avoid sudden vigorous exercises; you will give up easily.

Some people will employ fad diets or go on liquids. The idea as alluded to above is to engage a more sustainable weight loss method. When you are disciplined on all the above, there is nothing stopping you from achieving your ultimate weight goal. Try also not to walk the journey alone. Moral support along the way will enable you find deeper strength to go on. Therefore, if you supply quality nutrition to your body while cutting calories, you will lose a good amount of weight at the end of one month. If you successfully eliminate 1,750 calories from your diet daily for 30 days, you will surely lose 15 pounds in one month.

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