Salt Water Flush for Weight Loss and Detox

Salt Water Flush for Weight Loss and Detox

When your digestive system is loaded with toxins, A salt water flush for weight loss is very hard to beat. If you are looking to  lose weight effectively. Digestive or gastrointestinal overload can be attributed to a number of things.

 Poor eating habits are a common culprit for the build up of toxins in the body. Processed foods that add little or no fiber will cause conditions like constipation. This will essentially mean that your system is not able to flush in the right manner.

This is where flushing to detox comes in. It is important for every person to consider a good detox plan; especially when they are having a hard time losing weight. One of the most popular methods to rejuvenate and detox is through a salt water flush.

What exactly is a salt water flush?

This is the process in which you force or induce a bowel movement using salt water so that you can tap into the merits of a good cleanse. It targets your colon and the digestive system. Some people will call it a salt water cleanse.

Salt is composed of minerals that are needed in various functions of the body. For example, your thyroid function, cell wall stability, nutrient absorption and water balance all need salt for optimal function. In addition, salt plays a pivotal role in nerve stimulation and pH balance.

 To this end, salt in the right amount is a beneficial component in your body. Of course, it has to be used in moderation to avoid undesired results.

 does a flush work for weight loss?

This flush allows the body to remove toxins and waste effectively. In light of this, people who are suffering with digestive issues like constipation will find relief. Also, the salt will promote the losing of water weight by balancing the electrolytes and mineral level in the body.

Having said this, it is good to mention that this flush works best when you use real sea salt and not common table salt. Sea salt, unlike the common salt is rich in extra minerals. Regular table salt is iodized and is very high in sodium.

When consumed in excess through processed and cooked foods, it can contribute to high blood pressure. Therefore, pure sea salt is the best when it comes to flush and detox for weight loss.

How will the salt water flush aid weight loss?

As hinted above, the flush will condition your body to facilitate weight loss. Below is a look at how this will happen.

- When your digestive tract and colon are cleansed, you will not have a problem burning fat and absorbing nutrients. This will go a long way in making you drop the pounds faster and more effectively.

- The flush will help cut fluid or water retention. In this regard, you will drop unnecessary water weight so that you can start getting in shape the right way.

- Your hormones will receive a boost. With balanced hormones, losing weight is easier because you will not be storing unnecessary fat.

- The flush will boost your metabolism. The fastest way to lose weight is through an enhanced metabolism. Doing it naturally with salt water will not have any major side effects.

How to detox with salt water

First, you must make sure that you are using pure sea salt. This is the only sure way to add extra minerals to your detox. Also, it will help avoid common problems caused by table salt. Then, use warm water and make sure that the salt and water blend fully. This will help promote absorption of the sea salt in your body.

Therefore, make sure to mix until there are no visible granules of the sea salt. You should be able to consume a cloudy drink that will not have any solids. It is best to use the flush detox drink on an empty stomach.

When is it a good time

Most people will prefer to do it the first thing in the morning. However, if you cannot do that, make sure to do it when you have not eaten for two hours or so.

If you are planning to head out of the home, make sure that you have access to a bathroom. The laxative effect of the salt water flush is the most notable aspect. After all, you want to remove all the waste in your system. Some people may feel nauseous and to this end, staying close to washroom facilities will do you so much good.

Doing this flush should not be a daily affair. It should only be done occasionally when you are in need of a good cleansing to jump-start your weight loss efforts. You can also do it to rejuvenate your entire system.

How much salt you use for your detox flush can be determined by a number of factors. When you are starting, use a little salt and see how well it works. You can then adjust the amount to suit your needs. Using too much is not advised because it can cause undesired effects. A tablespoon should be enough to get some good detox action.

 Use a glass of warm water to make the detox drink. If you are not sure what sea salt is best, look for grey Celtic sea salt or pink Himalayan salt. These salts are not white in color. If it is white and cheap and is available in your local grocery store, it is probably the salt you want to avoid for your flush.

In conclusion

This flush will help you boost or enhance weight loss. It is not a method that you can solely rely on to get into the right shape. You need to use this flush alongside a comprehensive weight loss regimen.

First, make sure that you are looking at your diet critically. Avoid processed food or those that do not offer you proper nutrition. Opt for whole foods that are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Choose lean meats and make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day by drinking clean water. Then, you must find time to engage in physical activity. It really does not have to be something complicated.

Walking and even doing house chores is a good way to get you moving. With this weight loss plan, you can be sure that the salt water flush will only accelerate your weight loss efforts.

 If you are using medication or have any health problem, consulting your health care provider before using this flush will be in order. Pregnant and lactating mothers should never attempt to perform this detox flush.

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