Is it Possible A Sauna Can Help You With Weight Loss

sauna weight loss

Saunas are special rooms that are heated. Here, people sit and enjoy the warmth and heat with temperatures ranging from 150 to 195 degrees Fahrenheit. There are many types of saunas. Some are considered dry while others are full of steam.

Most saunas made using the Finnish style are typically considered dry while Turkish-style ones have plenty of steam. People will lounge in saunas for 15 to 30 minutes and tap into a myriad of benefits. Any merits of saunas range from rejuvenation to stress relief.

Having said this, there has been a debate about the possible weight loss benefits of saunas. Can a sauna help with weight loss? To answer this question, you will have to consider a few factors as highlighted below.

Is sauna weight loss possible?

How a sauna works will determine whether it helps in weight loss or not. Some studies which show that sweating it out in a sauna can be compared to a moderate work out. You have are several ways to link a sauna session to weight loss and the following is an insight.

An sauna bath enhances your metabolic rate

To lose weight effectively, your metabolic rate must be boosted to work optimally. A high rate of metabolism means that you are burning more calories and losing weight.

 High temperatures in a sauna, your metabolic rate will go up by approximately 20%. Because your heart rate will increase by 30% at least.

Because of the high temperatures in a sauna, your metabolic rate will go up by approximately 20%. This is because your heart rate will increase by 30% at least.

So, even spending a short time in the sauna will boost overall calorie burning activity in your body. In has been found that even after you leave the sauna, your metabolic rate continues to be boosted for some time. Your actions will go into helping you lose weight whenever you use a sauna.

A sauna session will promote detox leading to weight loss

When your body is full of toxins like heavy metals such as nickle, copper and mercury, losing weight is hard. These heavy metals are acquired from foods that you consume or even hygiene products used. Metals such as zinc and those mentioned above hinder weight loss. Through a sauna session, you get a chance to sweat effectively.

You can clears out your lymphatic system through sweat. These metals can be cleared and this will pave way for quicker and effective weight loss. Keep in mind that people who do not sweat often could be storing many toxins; and allowing the body to sweat is beneficial even for weight loss.

sauna can help you drop water weight fast

A sauna can help you drop water weight fast

Water weight is brought about by water retention in the body. There are many causes of this retention. You could be carrying up to 5 pounds of water weight and to this end, getting rid of the water can give you a significant drop in weight.

 An sauna session will allow you to get rid of the excess water through sweating. You can do this naturally without having to worry about harmful side effects. Any weight lost will help you look and feel better. A sauna bath can help you drop the water weight within a day or two.

 Therefore, it is safe to say that this bath will aid weight loss.

Reduced stress can lead effective weight loss

A nice sauna session is a great way to relax and cut the stress. It can be achieved when cortisol, the stress hormone is reduced.

When you manage your stress, you will reduce inflammation in the body. Inflammation is one of the leading cause of disease. In addition, inflammation in the body can derail your weight loss efforts.

It is easier to lose weight when your body is healthy and free from oxygen free radicals that are brought about by stress. Overall, when you are free from stress, it is easier for you to concentrate on weight loss and achieve better results.

Stress has also been linked to emotional eating and poor nutrition choices. Therefore, using a sauna will have a ripple effect on your weight loss efforts positively.

Boost overall energy and increase stamina

Life can wear you down. When you feel low and in need of a rejuvenation, a sauna experience will help greatly. Also be achieved by boosting your breathing capacity while increasing your respiratory function.

In addition to tackling any respiratory problems, you will be adding more stamina to your body. With more stamina, you are able to work out effectively. This means that you will have the energy to take the stairs and lift heavy objects.

Physical activity will aid in weight loss. Therefore, a sauna can help jump-start your activity level which will lead to the burning of more calories.

sauna for weight loss

How much weight can you lose using a sauna?

This is hard to estimate the number of calories that you will actually burn through a sauna. This is because it depends on a number of factors. First, consider how long you spend in the sauna bath.

 It is not advisable to sit the whole day in the sauna in a bid to lose weight. The wrong approach. However, you can use the sauna not more than three times a week with sessions of thirty minutes each.

Best way is to do this for two weeks and see how well you feel. It is important to have a holistic weight loss approach while using a sauna bath. It means that you should be eating a healthy diet and working out.

A combination of all these elements will give you great weight loss results. Using a sauna is therefore not an overnight fix for weight loss.

In conclusion

Like with all things, it is pivotal to take precaution when using a sauna bath. Keep in mind that the average person will lose up to one pint of fluids within a short time in the sauna.

Again, there is a real danger for dehydration. You must therefore drink plenty of water before and after using the sauna. This will help keep healthy levels of fluids in your body. Dehydration will present in a number of ways including headaches, extreme thirst, dryness of the mouth and feeling dizzy.

You will also be urinating less frequently when your fluid levels are low. Finally, remember that losing weight effectively using a sauna bath alone is hard. You can shed water weight fast but you need to work out to lose fat and tone muscles.

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