Quick Weight Loss Juice Fast 10 Days and Survive

Quick Weight Loss Juice Fast 10 DaysWeight loss juice fast 10 days  is considered a fad diet. Having said this, it comes with its own merits as well. If you are looking to drop some good amount of weight, this could be a quick solution. In addition to shedding pounds, juicing can detox your system and spark healing from within. Juicing is basically drinking a mix of fruit and vegetable juices after extracting their juice using a juicer. The most common duration to go on a juice fast is 3 to 10 days. For obvious reasons, this juice diet cannot be sustained for too long. For those who are looking to test the waters and try out juicing, this article guides you through a weight loss juice fast for 10 days.

Weight loss juice fast 10 days

Key guidelines

– Going on a juice fast means that you should not eat any solids. If you cheat, the results may not be satisfactory.

– You must seek a go-ahead from your health care provider. Juicing is really drastic because you will reduce your caloric intake significantly. People who have health conditions should take extra precaution.

– You must drink plenty of water throughput the day as you are juicing to ensure hydration. You will also be playing a crucial role in cleansing your system.

– If you start to experience severe symptoms while juicing in the first couple of days, take a break and seek medical help. You can also supplement on iron and other minerals.

A 10 day juice fast plan

Your juice recipes matter greatly in giving you good results after 10 days. The following are good suggestions of breakfast, lunches and dinners. Remember, you can replace certain ingredients if they are not palatable. However, make sure that you stick to the basic recipes without adding solid foods.

Quick Weight Loss Juice Fast 10 DaysBreakfast juicing recipes

– One orange
– One cucumber
– Quarter peeled lemon
– Four leaves of kale

Juice all the above in a good juicer and enjoy an invigorating drink. You can also use the recipe below as an alternative breakfast option to the above.

– One ginger
– Two leaves of kale
– Two cups of grapes
– One cucumber
– Two cups of apples
– A cup of blueberries


Lunch juicing recipes

– Six kale leaves
– A ginger
– Four stalks of celery
– One cucumber
– One small apple
– Quarter peeled lemon

A lunch alternative is as described below;

– Twenty leaves of basil
– Two tomatoes
– Two cloves of peeled garlic
– Quarter peeled lemon


Dinner juicing recipes

– Two apples
– Four kale leaves
– Half a cucumber
– One ginger
– A carrot
– Two stalks of celery
– Two cups of spinach


Another dinner recipe to consider;

– A quarter peeled lime
– A quarter peeled lemon
– One carrot
– One cucumber
– A sliced beet
– One Granny Smith apple
– Three kale leaves


Tips on how to survive this juice fast for 10 days

To ensure that your 10 day juice fast is successful, you must plan ahead of time and know what to expect. Be diligent and think about the weight loss results. The tips below will come in handy.

– First, you must prepare your ingredients in advance and plan for each juice ‘meal’. This means you have to write down the list for shopping to make sure that you have everything you need. You do not have to buy everything for the ten days. Buy ingredients for 3 or four days first to ensure they stay fresh.

– To make your juices savory, you can add a selection of spices including mint, pepper, basil, oregano and chives. However, you should avoid using salt in your juices. You do not want to dehydrate your system.

– If you like icy drinks, you can enjoy the juice over ice as desired. Some people will be happy to drink the juice as it is.

– It is worth noting that the recipes above are not cast in stone, other vegetables and fruits can be added to create new recipes as desired. The rule of thumb is to observe the skeletal guideline to avoid high calorie ingredients.

– The best fruits and vegetables for juicing are those grown organically. In addition, make sure to wash your ingredients properly so that you eliminate any dirt therein. If you are not sure that the ingredients are organic, make sure to peel vegetables like cucumbers.

– It is normal to feel overly hungry in the first few days. Then, you might experience headaches as your body seeks to adjust. Do not give in to cravings – stay the course.

How much weight will you lose after 10 days?

The exact amount of weight you lose after 10 days will depend on several factors. First, did you eat any solid food when juicing? Some people are never faithful to the end and in this regard, they will not lose as much as they want. The number of juicing days, the total calorie intake, physical activity and resting metabolic rate are other factors that will determine how much you lose. On average, you should not lose less than 10 pounds after 10 days of strict juicing. Some people have reported losing up to 15 pounds.

Juicing does deliver rapid weight loss. This is considered a good short term solution to weight problems. Going on a juice fast is considered helpful to your digestive system because it gets a rare break. As a method for detoxification, juicing is certainly beneficial. It should also trigger weight loss as you look for more sustainable means to maintain your weight as desired.


Lasting 10 days on a juice fast can prove really difficult. One way to survive is to make sure you are with people who are juicing as well. Being in a tempting environment where delicious dishes are being served will not help you at all. To get the best juice, invest in a high quality juicer. Masticating juicers are the best; you get more juice for less fruit. Beware of becoming anemic and in this regard, look for a good iron supplement to take for the duration of your juice fast. Finally, water plays a very pivotal role as alluded to earlier. You will reduce hunger and promote hydration; this will help avoid headaches. Therefore, prepare for the fast as much as possible so that you can succeed. Make sure to weigh yourself before starting and take pictures as well. After the 10 days, check your weight and take new photos; you can be sure to see a huge difference in a positive way.

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